Swords and Knives

With your five senses honed and your blade grip true, witness the true luster of gleaming steel.

Sharpness -- quite simply, the ability to cut through things easily with minimal force or leverage -- is the single fundamental quality on which all blades can be judged, from kitchen knives and scissors to samurai swords. Learn all about the storied Japanese blade processing traditions as well as the fundamentals of proper knife maintenance from an artisan of cutlery production, and then use them to sharpen a kitchen knife yourself to take home and maintain for decades to come. Everyone's used a knife at some point in their lives, but cutting with a true masterpiece will leave an impression you will never forget.

Highlights of the Experience

Create your very own masterpiece chef's knife together with a cutlery master, learning all about the history and methods behind Japanese blades in the process.

This knife will last you the better part of a lifetime with proper maintenance and sharpening, which you can learn all about.

Your finished knife will be meticulously wrapped by an artisan for presentation to you -- or as the perfect gift for your loved ones.


120 minutes




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Kyoto, Osaka, and more