Flower Arrangement


Ikebana, also called kado, is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It developed from offerings at Buddhist altars, and was first codified in the 15th century.

Ikebana is notable for its distinct, sense of space, often using far fewer flowers than Western styles. With it, the artist can express the nature of the seasons, the theme of a tea ceremony, and the relationship between nature and humankind.

Large Group Experiences

Learn kado and build team spirit with leading artists in historic locations in Tokyo, Kyoto including Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple and Kanda Myojin Shrine.

As well as guiding participants and teams with their own creations, your teacher will demonstrate flower arrangement as a performance art. Then you will collaborate with your teammates to create a piece that exemplifies a certain theme.
Available for groups of up to 100 people.

Time: 90–120 minutes

Available in Japanese and English

Private Experiences

Learn the art of flower arrangement from a master artist in Tokyo, Kyoto. Hailing from leading Japanese schools, these artists usually only teach their disciples. From them, you'll learn the technique and philosophy of kado, and receive guidance in creating your own arrangement.

Available for groups of four or more people.
Time: 60–90 minutes

Price: Depending on group size and venue
Available in Japanese and English

Experience Content

— Private Experience —
Sections 1–3

1. Introductory Lecture
Learn the basics of kado: its history, schools, terms, tools, and differences from Western flower arrangement

2. Demonstration
Watch as the teacher shows how to use the tools, work with space, and express emotion in your composition

3. Create Your Own
With your teacher's guidance, create an arrangement of your own to express a theme of your choosing. You may also take your arrangement home as a souvenir

— Large Group Experience —
Sections 1–6

4. Performance
Watch a kado performance by your teacher, expressing the beauty of life and passage of the seasons

5. Collaboration
In random teams, choose a theme and work together to produce an arrangement that expresses it

6. Quiz and Commemorative Photo
Try to guess the team behind each arrangement, then pose for a commemorative photo with your creations