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Online Japanese Garden Tour with Waka Poetry

Experience Japanese Waka world in Rikugien
Sacred historical virtual tour with beautiful graphics and old maps

Be healed by the power of nature and art through an immersive virtual tour of the scenic Rikugien Garden in Tokyo. Japanese poetry, or ‘Waka’ has been enjoyed now for centuries. However, the simplistic beauty of the form is perhaps no better visually represented than in the Rikugien Garden, tucked away in Tokyo’s bustling metropolis. Here, beautiful stories of waka poetry are met with a lush utopian getaway of rolling hills, winding pathways, quaint bridges and a tranquil pond.

Inspired by 88 different wakas, daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) Yoshiyasu Yangisawa took 7 years to complete the stunning Rikugien Garden. Created during the 17th century Edo period, the grounds are split into three themed sections, which all hold historical relevance to the Waka: Wakanoura, Wakayama, Yoshino, Nara and Shaoxing, China. Each of the three areas reflects symbolically differing cultures and religions. Using maps and historic materials, this unique tour gives you the opportunity to meander through the sacred and magical garden, immersing yourself in the serenity, while enjoying Waka verses; all from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, with the help of experienced guides, you will be able to try your hand at reading Wakas for yourself, and discover the true message Yoshiyasu wanted to convey to people over three centuries ago.

Online Japanese Garden Tour Teacher: An Ikebana Master, Professor of the Ikenobo School
Your teacher studied Japanese history and folklore at university in Tokyo. She began to practice ikebana and tea ceremony when she was a teenager, and later became a top-grade professor of Ikebana in the famous Ikenobo School. She has been teaching ikebana for more than 10 years.
Alongside ikebana, she studies the ancient songs and documents of Japan, as well as traditional Noh theatre and tea ceremony. She aims to promote international understanding through the exchange of traditional cultures.

Tour summary
* Online walkthrough in Rikugien with videos, pictures and old maps.
* Learn about Waka poetry in Rikugien
* Read some Wakas together
* Explore the relationship between the most sacred places in Rikugien and religious ideas during Edo period.
* Figure out Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa’s message

Format Zoom remote workshop
Duration From 1 hour to 2 hours
Languages English, Other languages are also available on request
Price Group bookings from $2,000
Program Name
Online Japanese Garden Tour with Waka Poetry
From 1 hour to 2 hours
Group bookings from $2,000
English, Other languages are also available on request