Other Japanese Experiences


Relax among the plants and flowers of a traditional Japanese garden.

Cook Buddhist vegetarian cuisine in a historic temple.

Kimono Experience

Feel the passage of the seasons in a traditional Japanese garden. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and step into carefully choreographed landscapes, many of which decorate the villas of feudal lords. With your guide, explore the delicate art and rich history of Japanese landscape gardening.

Japanese Garden Tour

For more than a thousand years, the kimono has symbolized Japanese aesthetic sensibilities and fashion. In time-honored tradition, each garment is woven by hand, then dyed with traditional patterns inspired by nature. Choose your favorite and feel the fabric of history. Kimono are available to rent standalone or as part of our experiences.

Japanese Cuisine Experiences

Buddhist Vegetarian Meal Experience

Japanese cuisine aims for harmony of ingredients, presentation, and hospitality. It is world-renowned for its focus on simple, seasonal ingredients prepared with exquisite care. Learn how to achieve this harmony yourself with the guidance of a master chef.

Japanese Cooking Lessons

Buddhist vegetarian food, or shojin-ryori, is said to occupy the highest echelon of Japanese cuisine. A shojin is a person who devotes their entire spirit to Buddhism, and as such abstains from eating meat. Using only fruit, vegetables, and grains, shojin-ryori achieves delicate balances of flavor. Try it for yourself in a Buddhist temple.