Sado Tea Ceremony

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sado main

Wabi-sabi, self reflection, and mindfulness

The tea ceremony is a time-honored Japanese tradition, marked by four principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. In the tearoom, host and guests must show mutual respect and appreciation, and tea utensils must be pristine. It's a time for introspection, as you sip tea with a calm mind and an awareness of every movement. Having fascinated business elites from all walks of life, the world of the tea ceremony is now yours to discover. Experience the mindful ritual in Japan within historic temples, shrines, and gardens.

Highlights of the Experience

The history and philosophy of the tea ceremony, its schools, basic etiquette, terminology, and tools will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

A tea master will serve tea with sincerity and demonstrate the etiquette of the tea ceremony. Enjoy an authentic tea ceremony with seasonal sweets.

Participants will try their hand at performing a tea ceremony. Even beginners will feel at ease with detailed instructions and guidance on how to use the tea utensils and how to serve tea.


90–120 minutes




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Hamarikyu Gardens, Rikugien Gardens, and more


Learn the art of tea ceremony from a top instructor

An experienced tea master and instructor from a well-known school of tea ceremony will provide essential basic knowledge of the history, philosophy, and tools of the tea ceremony. The instructor will explain the meaning and importance of the tea ceremony etiquette in an easy-to-understand way, and demonstrate how to prepare and serve tea.

Make and taste tea yourself

After tasting tea prepared by the instructor, you will get to make tea yourself. To make matcha tea, powdered matcha is whisked with hot water in a tea bowl. The tea master will carefully guide you on how to use the utensils and how to move your hands. You will be surprised at the difference in taste between your tea and your instructor's tea.

Recreate a tea ceremony by playing host and guests

Participants will take on the roles of 'teishu' (host) and 'shokyaku' (guest) and perform a tea ceremony. The host will prepare tea for the guests with sincerity, while guests are expected to show their appreciation for the host's hospitality. Through tea, you can enjoy a fun bonding experience.

Enjoy an authentic tea ceremony in a historic tearoom

Our tea ceremony experiences are held in carefully selected tearooms for a more authentic experience. Visitors can observe up-close a tea master at work, as well as the decorations in the tearoom that reflect the four seasons, which are considered important in the tea ceremony. For special guests, we can also offer a tour of a tearoom that is usually closed to the public in a building designated a Tangible Cultural Property.

Suitable for large groups

While tea ceremonies are usually held for small groups, there is also a type of ceremony called 'oyose chakai' that can serve many guests. For team building tea ceremonies, we will ensure that every individual can still experience the charm of the elegant ritual. Larger events will be held in a spacious venue with a stage transformed into a full-fledged tearoom, with additional staff on hand to serve tea and sweets to participants all at the same time.

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