Ikebana Flower Arrangement

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Appreciating flowers, seasons, and space

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers and celebrating their beauty. It is a way to appreciate the seasons and nature, as well as to express the value of life. Explore this uniquely Japanese approach to capturing the rich expression of flowers and showcasing their beauty. As you learn ikebana, you will also come to respect the changing seasons and experience the Japanese spirit of harmony with nature.

Highlights of the Experience

A renowned ikebana master will explain in detail the history of ikebana and demonstrate how to use the tools of the craft. Enjoy the rare opportunity to watch a work of art being spontaneously created in front of your eyes.

Express yourself through creating your own flower arrangement, then take your creation home as a souvenir.

Work together in teams to create a collaborative work of art, for an opportunity to communicate and connect through ikebana.


90–120 minutes




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Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple, Hamarikyu Gardens, Rikugien Gardens, Ninnaji Temple, and more


Easy-to-understand explanations by a renowned ikebana master

A master from a well-known school of ikebana will explain the history of ikebana, the differences between ikebana and other flower arrangement styles, and the tools used in this craft. The appeal of ikebana lies not only in the combination of flowers and other materials, but also in its focus on space and simplicity. You will gain insight into this unique concept that underlies ikebana.

Express yourself through ikebana

After learning some basic ikebana etiquette, participants will have the chance to choose a theme and create their own flower arrangements. Select from a variety of colorful flowers and arrange them according to your feelings and preferences. When you need help with the composition or expression of your work, your instructor will be available to offer guidance. You can also take your creation home as a souvenir.

Create large works of art in teams

Get the chance to work in teams to create collaborative works of art. There are no rules or specific steps to follow — teams can shape their arrangements however they like, paying attention to their postures and taking time for self reflection as they work. At the end of the activity, a commemorative photo will be taken of each team and their creation.

Enjoy seasonal flora in historic settings

Watch a historic setting transform into a beautiful floral wonderland as participants gather to create their own unique flower arrangements. Take in the harmony between the atmosphere of the venue and the individuality of the flowers as you work on your creation. One of the most enjoyable aspects of ikebana is not just creating, but also appreciating flowers. As you look at the works of other participants, you will see that even with the same theme, each one reflects the creator's unique sensibilities.

Watch an impromptu ikebana performance

Enjoy a live ikebana demonstration with commentary by an ikebana master. Watch in awe as the master expertly brings out the beauty of flowers and plants, gracefully arranging them in a way that seems to make them dance before your eyes. In ikebana, it is important to not only appreciate the finished product, but also to consider the space, creator, and flowers with respect.

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