Zen Meditation

zazen main
zazen main

A doorway to inner peace

Zazen, or Zen meditation, is a practice that has been around for about 2,500 years, since the time of the Buddha. Kept alive by countless Zen monks throughout the centuries, it has experienced a modern resurgence for its ability to help reduce stress and calm the mind. In this experience, you will learn about the history of zazen and how to prepare your mind for meditation from one of Japan's most respected Zen monks.

Highlights of the Experience

Begin your meditation journey guided by a renowned Zen monk. Deepen your knowledge on the history of Zen and learn to find stillness and clarity in the present moment through meditation.

With easy-to-understand lectures and guidance, even first-timers can learn to meditate.

Available for both small and large groups, and can be held in a historic temple hall or online.


60–90 minutes




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Hamarikyu Gardens, Rikugien Gardens, and more


Learn to meditate with the guidance of a Zen master

Experience the peaceful teachings of Zen with a knowledgeable Zen monk. In this experience, you will learn about the contrast between Eastern and Western thought, and the differences between zazen and western-style meditation. Take some time to quiet your mind, listen to the monk's insights, and get ready to meditate.

Adjust your posture, focus on your breath, and calm your mind

The monk will provide detailed, practical instruction on how to practice zazen, a key aspect of Zen Buddhism that is often not explained through words. To get started, it is important to sit in the right posture, focus on your breath, and try to quiet your mind. You will learn to bring your attention to your body and mind, and find a way to breathe that helps you relax.

Team meditation for a sense of togetherness

Zen meditation can certainly be practiced solo, but there is a special sense of unity that can be experienced when meditating with others. In this activity, participants will get to meditate as a group, sharing the same space and time. As everyone focuses their awareness and lets go of distractions together, there is a sense of accomplishment that can be felt. After the meditation session, participants can listen to the monk share stories and discuss their experiences together over tea.

Experience the tranquility of Zen meditation in a historic temple setting

Get the rare opportunity to meditate in the auditoriums and main halls of historic temples in Tokyo and Kyoto, which are usually not open to the public. These special settings, rich with history and a peaceful atmosphere, are ideal for practicing zazen to find a sense of inner calm.

Large group and online experiences available

For larger groups, we offer Zen meditation experiences in spacious temple spaces that are perfect for team building or corporate training. These events can accommodate up to 100 participants. We also offer online experiences led by renowned Zen monks, so you can experience the benefits of zazen from anywhere, using just your mind and body.

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