Read a world of meaning in every brushstroke. Japanese calligraphy, or shodo, developed from its Chinese counterpart with strong influence from Zen Buddhism.

The calligrapher must write with a clear mind and a confident, flowing brush – and get it right first time. Nowadays, calligraphy serves as both communication and art form, and plays a central role in tea ceremony and traditional interior design.

Large Group Experiences

Learn Japanese calligraphy as both a personal and a collaborative art, led by award-winning artists in historic locations in Tokyo, Kyoto including Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple and Kanda Myojin Shrine.

Your teacher will instruct you in the basics of shodo, helping you to write words of your own. Then, they'll demonstrate shodo as a performance before leading the whole group in a large-scale collaborative work.
Available for groups of up to 100 people.

Time: 90–120 minutes

Available in Japanese and English

Private Experiences

Learn the essence of shodo from world-renowned artists and calligraphers. Our teachers usually only work with their disciples, but are available for special lessons in Tokyo, Kyoto through Wabunka Experiences. With them, you'll be guided in the essence of calligraphy and learn how to write characters of your own.

Available for groups of four or more people.
Time: 60–90 minutes

Price: Depending on group size and venue
Available in Japanese and English

Experience Content

— Private Experience —
Sections 1–3

1. Introductory Lecture
Learn about the written Japanese language, and the tools and history used in shodo

2. Learn the Basics
Practice proper posture, grip, and attitude, and try a few warm-up exercises

3. Create Your Own Work
Write a word or phrase of your choosing with guidance from your teacher

— Large Group Experience —
Sections 1–6

4. Calligraphy Performance
Choose what you'd like the artist to write, then watch as they produce a large-scale calligraphy piece

5. Collaborate
Write a word or phrase to the work your teacher has created

6. Commemorative Photo
Pose for a photo to remember the experience