Reconnect with your inner child by molding the earth with your fingers, and discover the joy of unexpected creation.

Ceramics is the art of molding clay into shapes and firing it in a kiln. This has been an indispensable part of life in Japan since the prehistoric Jomon period and remains so today. Various regional styles of ceramics all over the country have been officially designated protected traditional crafts. Get hands-on and express yourself with this art form, enjoying the feel of the moist earth in your hands under the instruction of an artisanal ceramicist as you create anything from the practical -- bowls, cups, and vases -- to creative personal works of art. Free your hands, and enjoy the final surprise as your work emerges glazed and fired from the kiln, transformed.

Highlights of the Experience

Mold clay under the instruction of a professional potter, freely creating tableware, vases, objets d'art, or whatever else you like.

Enjoy a guided tour inside of the potter's studio, usually closed to the public.

Make your choice from among several types of glaze, imagining your piece as it will look after being transformed by the fire of the kiln.


120 minutes




Please enquire


Tokyo, Kyoto, and more