Chambara (Sword Fighting)

Sengoku period battle reenactment with modern methods that transcend age, gender, and borders

"Chambara" means "sword fighting," and it's been engaged in as play by children in Japan for centuries, using everything from bamboo sticks to newspapers to imitate the great samurai heroes of history. In the Sengoku, or "Warring States" period, so-called "sports chambara" was developed for non-lethal competition. Dive into this fun form of simulated combat with a gentle foam sword and balloons affixed to opponents' bodies as targets. The rules are so simple and intuitive that they transcend any age gap or language barrier.

Highlights of the Experience

Experience a fun and safe form of Japan's famous chambara in sport form using a foam sword.

Game parameters can be adjusted for different groups and times. Add complexity and fun with team battles!

If you're the type who likes to get into character, rental armor is available for an additional fee.


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