Feel the perfect fit of chopsticks handmade just for you.

Chopsticks are a ubiquitous part of day-to-day life in Japan. Other countries certainly use them, but no other countries use them to quite the degree of exclusivity that Japan does. This has given rise to a unique custom of carrying personalized chopsticks. Pick your favorite wood, plane it with sculpting tools, and sand it carefully down to make your own one-of-a-kind pair. Chopsticks that fit your hand perfectly make every meal even more delicious. This experience includes instruction on how to hold chopsticks properly, and manners when eating with them.

Highlights of the Experience

Craft a personal set of wooden chopsticks using traditional techniques, using your choice of several types of wood.

Chopsticks are an item with a deep and special place in the roots of Japanese culture and daily life. Deepen your understanding of the country by learning their history throughout the ages.

Learn to hold chopsticks correctly, as well as fundamental etiquette, with chopsticks custom-matched to your finger length and thickness.


90 minutes




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Asakusa, Kyoto, and more