Folding Screens

Traditional Japanese function and form handed down from the Nara period

Since the Nara period, folding screens have been used to control airflow and partition the wooden houses of Japan, where drafts are common. Over time, it became popular to adorn them with paintings and illustrations, and they became integral parts of home decor. Create an adorable mini folding screen with the same structure as a full-sized one, and learn about the history of the tools involved while making a full-sized folding screen of your own. Choose your Japanese decorative patterns to paste on. Even small folding screens add an unmistakable touch of Japanese aesthetics to any interior.

Highlights of the Experience

Craft a mini folding screen with the same structure as a full-sized one. Then move on to the real thing under the guidance of an artisanal screen maker, learning the craft and history such as the role and function changes of each era.

Select your favorite from several quintessentially Japanese patterns. A definite atmosphere of Japanese aesthetics accents any interior space through its simple inclusion.

A portable size, perfect for overseas residents to take home with them as a souvenir of Japan or a gift for someone special.


120 minutes




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Asakusa, Kyoto, and more