Classical Japanese Dances

Learn how to move elegantly in a kimono, and express yourself through graceful dance.

“Nihon-buyo” Japanese dance has its roots in Kabuki, in which all performers are male, but also contains added elements for female dancers. As a traditional performance art in Japan, it is popular both in its own right and as a method for learning elegant bearing while dressed in a kimono. Learn this elegance for yourself under guidance from a master, through delicate yet expressive movements. Because of its slow pace, this dance form is even suitable for complete dance beginners and those unaccustomed to athletic practice.

Highlights of the Experience

Experience traditional Japanese dance in a beautiful kimono, while a master instructor talks you through the details of each movement.

Sharpen your senses through focused practice, acquiring a grace of bearing which you can take with you into your day-to-day.

Enjoy group practice with friends to the same song and enjoy the exercise, accomplishment, and expression in front of others.


90-120 minutes




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Kamakura, Kyoto, and more