Taiko (Japanese Drums)

A tight and mighty beat that builds relationships through music

Japanese taiko drums are said to date back to the prehistoric Jomon period. Their usage has varied from simple musical pleasure to tools for rallying troops, sending signals in battle, and communicating at scale and over distance. Pure rhythm and beat without melody, their music has a unique power and beauty all its own. Learn the history and structure of taiko drums, and pick up basic rhythm drumming techniques from a professional. Playing in time with friends creates an incomparable sensation of unity and connection. 

Highlights of the Experience

A professional instructor attentively teaches you the fundamentals of physicality and rhythm. You can also take in a powerful live performance by your instructor.

The joy of playing Japanese taiko drums -- just like listening to them -- is a full-body experience, far beyond simple hand technique. Get hands-on with enjoying Japanese culture, and put your back into it!

Play along with your group. Jamming together in unison is a unique opportunity to deepen bonds and resonate with one another without words.


60-120 minutes




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Kandamyojin Shrine, Osaka Castle, and more