The uniquely Japanese approach of using gold to highlight damage and revitalize

Kintsugi is a repair technique in which broken, chipped, or cracked ceramics are bonded back together with lacquer and decorative gold filling. This unique Japanese approach to minimizing waste and appreciating damage has garnered global attention. Through the nurturing act of careful repair, you can learn to see damage with new eyes and discover the Japanese spirit of "wabi-sabi" that has been passed down from days past. Under the guidance of an artisan, adorn your vessel with gold to raise it like a phoenix from the ashes, and learn to see damage as an opportunity to fall in love all over again.

Highlights of the Experience

Experience kintsugi, a traditional Japanese technique of giving new life to the broken. Under the guidance of a craftsman, use gold filling to make your repaired vessel more beautiful than ever.

Learn the philosophical underpinnings of kintsugi, based on embracing damage, accepting it, and adorning it with gold to give it character, along with the accompanying unique Japanese aesthetic and spirit of wabi-sabi.

Choose your vessel to practice kintsugi on, and take it home as a souvenir or a gift for a loved one.


90-120 minutes




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Tokyo, Kyoto, and more