Ninja, Samurai, & Tate Performances

Experience Japan's unique history by taking on the mind, body, and soul of samurai and ninjas.

The semi-mythic historical figures of samurai and ninja are beloved both at home and abroad for their mysterious charm as it has reached us through various historical documents and works of drama and film alike. Learn "tate" fight choreography as it has been used to depict samurai swordfights and melees, and the "ten footwork styles" which ninja used to move silently over any distance and in any situation. As you ponder the history of Japan, you will learn about the physical traditions which also evolved into Nihon-buyo dance and Noh stage performance.

Highlights of the Experience

Let the performers give you a deeper understanding of the history of samurai and ninjas, their respective roles, and the training methods of the day.

After donning a costume, experience how to use the accouterments of these historical warriors such as Japanese katanas (wooden bokuto swords will be used for training on the day), and shuriken throwing stars.

Enjoy a performance of top-tier sword choreography by professionals. Witness the action depicted in period films and shows up close and personal.


60-120 minutes




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Kandamyojin Shrine, Osaka Castle, and more