Experience an unfathomably profound world of feelings in a 600-year-old Japanese stage tradition

Noh performances unfold on a uniquely constructed stage. In this profoundly rich art, the emotions of the characters are communicated through physical movement, along with symbolic masks and costumes. After learning its history and watching a performance by a Noh performer, try stepping on stage yourself. Experience the beautiful aesthetics, depth of feeling, and uniquely Japanese worldview behind Noh, handed down over six centuries.

Highlights of the Experience

A Noh actor distills the history and features of Noh into an easy-to-follow explanation. You'll learn everything you need to appreciate this fine performance art and its unique worldview.

Enjoy an authentic Noh performance by a Noh actor live and in the flesh. Step onto the sacred Noh stage yourself, and undergo training in its singing and dancing.

Donning the treasured Noh masks and costumes used in actual performances, experience the magnificent physicality of the performance techniques.


120 minutes




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Tokyo, Kyoto, and more