Virtual Zen Meditation

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Bring Kyoto’s temple halls to you

Focus your breathing, steady your thoughts, and find insight in stillness.

Zazen, a form of seated meditation, is a central practice in Zen Buddhism. For over 1000 years, monks have found enlightenment simply by sitting still. In more recent times, artists, business leaders, and many others have discovered the benefits of this ancient exercise.In Zazen, they have found improved concentration, inspiration, and productivity. And of course, the chance to achieve eternal enlightenment is reason enough for some. For these reasons, meditation and mindfulness techniques feature in the training and culture of many successful companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Experience Zazen for yourself in this virtual experience, conducted live from Kyoto.

Highlights of the Experience

Introductory talk on Zen meditation

Zazen meditation experience

Discussion of Zen and folklore


60-120 minutes




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