A moment's respite with the crisp sound and satisfying feel of carving wood

Since Japan is blessed with abundant forests, wood has been used since the times of the ancients for everything from building construction to religious altar fittings. Trees are purpose-harvested without needless waste, and beautified by carving, and wood products are engineered with a mind toward longevity. Experience the sense of play in woodworking while practicing artisanal techniques passed down by a long tradition, and express yourself through your sculpture. Finish your one-of-a-kind piece with special lacquer rare even in Japan, and enjoy your creation for many years to come.

Highlights of the Experience

Under the instruction and guidance of a master, learn techniques that you immediately put to use in creating your own work. Several motifs are available to choose from.

Experience authentic tools and materials, and work with confidence knowing a true artisan is there to guide you.


120 minutes




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Tsukiji, Kamakura, Hamarikyu Gardens, and more