Sumo Wrestling

Initiation into the rituals of the sacred ring and first-hand experience of the power of sumo wrestlers in training

Sumo, today known as Japan's traditional national sport, owes its history to festival rituals before evolving into the popular entertainment strength competition we know it as today. Its wrestlers train daily to prepare themselves mind and body for the rigors of battle in the sacred ring. Enjoy a tour of their training grounds and watch them in action. You can learn basic sumo wrestling techniques like suriashi footwork and the famous shiko stance, and even go head-to-head in a light demonstration spar with a real sumo wrestler. After training, sit down to a hearty meal of Chanko-nabe, the traditional sumo wrestler's dinner.

Highlights of the Experience

Watch sumo wrestlers in training, experiencing their power up close and personal, in a special tour of the sumo stable -- usually unavailable to the general public.

Learn sumo basics such as suriashi footwork and the legendary shiko stance from real wrestlers. The truly daring can even step into the ring and experience a light spar with a real sumo wrestler.

Complete your day in the life of a sumo wrestler by wrapping up with a dinner of Chanko-nabe, the traditional hearty hotpot meal of sumo wrestlers, and lively conversation.


120 minutes




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Ryogoku, Asakusa, Osaka, and more