Japanese Umbrellas

Traditional crafting for the day-to-day, with delicate artistry and vibrant colored paper

The traditional wagasa umbrella is not only a tool to ward off rain or sun, but even evil spirits or bad luck. This famous Japanese accessory used to be ubiquitous all over the country, but with the changing times, fewer and fewer wagasa workshops survive. Still, these beautiful handmade craft umbrellas fit surprisingly well into modern life. Choose your favorite color and washi paper for the design. Also learn the fun and satisfying "dobari" process of applying glue to the wagasa frame. Learn by watching up close and personal while the craft is performed by a master.

Highlights of the Experience

Craft a one-of-a-kind wagasa umbrella under detailed step-by-step instructions from a Japanese artisan using traditional heritage techniques.

Choose from a variety of colored washi paper, and express yourself with your design.

Create anything from a normal size to a mini wagasa, perfect for home decor. Take yours home as a souvenir of your time in Japan.


180 minutes




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