A ceremonial art born of uniquely Japanese sensibilities, where scent takes center stage.

Kodo, originating in the Nara period, is counted as one of Japan's so-called three major arts. In the Heian period, incense was a luxury item prized by aristocrats for its elegance. The rare art of incense ceremony, or Kodo, has deep roots in Japan's poetic and literary traditions, and its culture of cherishing the four seasons. Learn all about its history and tools from a Kodo instructor, and experience the refined but beginner-friendly "Kumiko" incense games.

Highlights of the Experience

Experience incense ceremony and games under an instructor's guidance. Luxuriate in the fragrances and learn the elegant movements using authentic incense tools of precious, fragrant wood.

Discover the fascinating history of incense in Japan, learning all about how its usage and status evolved throughout the ages.

Enjoy a classic Kodo game called Kumiko to bring your group closer together. Participants take turns using the incense burner and listening, trying to guess the incense being used.


90 minutes




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Ginza, Kyoto, and more