Wagashi (JapaneseConfectionery)

The soft touch and smooth fabric soothe the heart, and the transitions between the four seasons draw out its deepest feelings.

Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections that draw out the flavors and aesthetics of the passing four seasons through the use of seasonal ingredients and presentation in seasonal motif fabrics. An artisanal confectioner will use hand-selected ingredients to instruct you on how to make authentic wagashi. Observe the fine craftsmanship up close and learn its techniques for preparation and presentation. Finish up with a lively chat with your companions over the finished wagashi and tea.

Highlights of the Experience

With the authentic ingredients and utensils of real Japanese wagashi confectioners and cafes, experience making these traditional sweets under the guidance of a professional artisan.

Seasonal design motifs and ingredients offer connection with the exquisite beauty and deep feelings of each season, allowing you to treasure them as the Japanese have since days immemorial.

Small groups of 10 people or less, as well as large groups, can be accommodated. The final step of the experience -- eating sweets and drinking tea -- is designed to offer an opportunity for connection between group members.


90-120 minutes




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Ginza, Happoen, Kyoto, and more