Japanese Cooking Experience

A professional chef teaches you about Japanese cuisine from market to table: learn to choose ingredients, prepare dishes, understand the concepts, and appreciate Japan through its food.

Japanese cuisine evolved region by region under the influence of the country's unique environmental and climate conditions. It emphasizes seasonality and highlights the characteristics of individual ingredients, finding gustatory pleasure not only through flavoring but through color and mouthfeel as well. Learn the preparation of these traditional seasonal dishes from a restaurant-kitchen-tested professional chef, from the handling of ingredients to the presentation of the dishes. Finally, delight in the finished product as Japanese food is always meant to be enjoyed: freshly made.

Highlights of the Experience

A professional chef talks you through ingredients, traditional methods, and presentation. Get lost in the charm of Japanese cuisine.

Share in a freshly-made meal together with your entire group, delighting in the way individual ingredients are spotlighted and accented.

Large groups are more than welcome. Menu items and quantities can be flexibly adjusted to fit the group and timing.


120 minutes




Please enquire


Ginza, Kyoto, and more