The crisp flavor and smooth finish of Japanese sake brewed from top-tier ingredients -- to your heart's content

The uniqueness of Japan's sake brewing method lies in the simplicity of its ingredients: rice, water, and koji. This means that the quality of the ingredients themselves has an outsized influence over the flavor of the final product. Visit a brewery and witness sake production alongside explanation from the brewers themselves while getting up close and personal with the history and charm of the craft. Along with learning about production methods passed down from generation to generation, improve your understanding of the different types of sake. Compare flavors and pairings in a tasting.

Highlights of the Experience

Visit a brewery that preserves the traditions of sake brewing. Observation availability is limited by seasonal production conditions, so please verify in advance.

The brewer talks you through sake's history and production methods. Enjoy each glass with renewed tastebuds, armed with knowledge of its intricacies.

Compare and contrast several types of sake in a tasting, and enjoy the delicious complexities of various food pairings.


90 minutes




Please enquire


Ginza, Kamakura, Kyoto, and more