Emerging in an instant from the deft hands of a master: Japan-born culinary art.

Sushi today is a global phenomenon. Here you can learn all its roots and development in Japan, along with how best to enjoy it. With meticulous and attentive instruction, a professional sushi chef will induct you into the secrets of nigiri sushi, such as how to handle the fish or prepare vinegared rice, using professionally-selected ingredients. Discover a newfound love for not only the taste of fresh fish but for wasabi and ginger as well. After your lesson in preparing nigiri sushi, sit down and enjoy the sushi you prepared, alongside those made by the professional chef, to compare your newfound traditional Japanese skills with those of a master.

Highlights of the Experience

Learn how to handle raw fish and make sushi under the guidance of a professional sushi chef.

Arrangements can be made to suit the dietary restrictions and preferences of guests. Please notify in advance.

Enjoy the sushi you prepared yourself alongside tea. Compare your handiwork alongside that of a sushi chef, made with traditional techniques acquired through years of dedicated training.


120 minutes (including eating time)




Please enquire


Tsukiji, Ginza, Kyoto, and more