Warp and weft, woven into a wondrous wash of hues, express an ephemeral elegance

Japan's traditional textiles evolved regionally, giving rise to a variety of weaving techniques. To this day, hand-weaving remains a valued traditional craft, despite the convenience of mechanization methods. Under the guidance of an experienced textile artisan, experience weaving an authentic traditional loom. Thread by thread, express your innermost inspiration to create a one-of-a-kind color pattern. Expressing yourself with your choice of thread is one of the joys of the experience. Take home your handiwork as a gift for a loved one, or a keepsake all to yourself.

Highlights of the Experience

Use a treasured historical loom to create a unique textile alongside a master weaver.

Enjoy detailed explanations of materials and tools from a master, which will bring even an absolute beginner up to speed in no time. Depending on circumstances, workshop tours are also available.

Create stoles or other Japanese accessories with beautifully colored thread: a perfect memento or gift for a loved one.


90 minutes




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Tokyo Kyoto, and more