Tuna Cutting Show

A master butcher breaks down a whole giant tuna in this impressive craft performance.

Tuna is beloved in Japan, where its power to traverse rough seas, freedom in the open ocean, and tenacious lifelong swimming carry auspicious symbolism. A master butcher uses fine technique to break down a giant tuna weighing dozens of kilograms right in front of you. This bold and masterful use of the tuna knife, which tops out at 1.5 meters, is captivating. Enjoy a guided look at the full tuna, inside and out -- rarely seen by the public -- as it is transformed straight into sushi and sashimi.

Highlights of the Experience

An expert butcher wielding an impressive tuna knife butchers a giant tuna. Available all over Japan.

A rare up-close look at the inside of a whole tuna, and a chance to learn about the parts and varieties of tuna from an expert.

After watching the performance, delight in freshly-sliced tuna as sashimi or sushi.


90-120 minutes




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Tsukij, Ginza, Happoen, and more