Team Building with Japanese Calligraphy Experience at Tsukiji Honganji Temple During Spring

Pharmaceutical company M

In March 2023, an immersive Japanese calligraphy event took place at the exquisite Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple. This event aimed to strengthen the bonds among a diverse group of participants, including both Japanese and foreign staff hailing from various countries.

The session commenced with a warm introduction by the instructor, followed by an insightful lecture on the art of calligraphy. To break the initial barriers, an engaging mini-game involving Kanji (Chinese characters) was organized.


Subsequently, each participant embarked on an individual journey of practicing Kanji characters. With diligence, they transferred these characters onto Japanese shikishi, a special card paper often used for signatures and inscriptions.


After a performance by the instructor, all participants added their messages to a large piece of hanshi (a special paper for Japanese calligraphy) to create a large work of art.

The instructor's captivating performance set the stage for the collective creativity that followed. Every participant contributed their personal messages onto a vast piece of hanshi, a specialized paper designed for Japanese calligraphy. Through this collaborative endeavor, an impressive masterpiece emerged.


Amidst the enchanting backdrop of Japanese culture, the team forged ever-stronger connections, solidifying their unity and camaraderie.


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